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After LightSheer laser hair removal, our body will become smooth forever. Unlike painful depilation with wax or epilator, we will get rid of the problem of ingrown hairs. People who have the problem of skin irritation, perifolliculitis, ingrown hairs are satisfied with the LightSheer laser hair removal treatment. It is a very popular treatment in our Clinic. STHETICA provides Lightsheer epilation treatments in dozens of cities in Poland, so we have extensive experience and are able to achieve the best results for each of our patients.


At the outset, each patient should familiarize themselves with two terms that are often used interchangeably, often being confused with each other. Depilation - the removal of temporary hair (e.g., with wax, depilatories). Epilation - permanent, lifelong hair removal (e.g., with the Lightsheer diode laser). The LightSheer diode laser, with the help of a high-energy light beam, permanently destroys the hair root, causing the hair in that area to no longer grow back. During a single LightSheer laser hair removal treatment, about 30% of the hair is destroyed, i.e. those currently in the active growth phase - anagen. The remaining hair is not sensitive to the laser light at the moment, then you should wait until it enters the anagen phase, which is about 4-6 weeks, and then you should perform another LightSheer laser hair removal treatment. That's why, by repeating the treatment several times, we finally manage to "catch" all the hair in the anagen phase - and remove it permanently. The destruction of the hair bulb by laser light is made possible by the fact that the energy from the light beam is absorbed by the melanin in the bulb. Thus, the easiest and fastest hair to remove is hair that has dark pigment, i.e. black, brown, dark blonde hair.

About 95% of the hair is removed after about four treatments, but the final result depends on the individual skin type.

The number of treatments needed for a lasting and significant effect is determined individually depending on the patient and the treatment site. Most patients require 4-6 treatments to achieve permanent, virtually complete epilation. At this point, it is important to emphasize the difference between a diode laser and an IPL device, which often advertise themselves as "hair removal lasers." IPL is a device that generates a strong beam of light that weakens the hair but is not powerful enough to destroy it completely. Our patients are often very distrustful of the laser therapy treatments we offer, precisely because they have used IPL hair removal (weakening) in the past. This is a type of treatment that gets rid of the problem of growing hair for a longer period of time, but not permanently. Unlike Lightsheer laser hair removal, which destroys hair permanently. If you have used hair removal treatments in the past and the hair grew back - most likely the treatments were performed with an IPL device or an untrained operator. You are cordially invited to a consultation - we will try to change your opinion and prove that diode laser removes hair for life.


In fact, anyone can undergo LightSheer laser depilation, as long as they have not been diagnosed with any of the contraindications listed below. Any part of the body can be depilated, with the exception of the orbital area, as there is a risk of eye damage.


● Pregnancy, breastfeeding
● Active cancer (past - after medical consultation).
● Depilation with wax, tweezers, depilatories up to 4 weeks before the procedure
● Fresh tan at the treatment site - a minimum of 4 weeks after the last exposure to the sun or tanning bed.
● Viral, bacterial, fungal infections at the treatment site (e.g.: active herpes, warts )
● Autoimmune diseases (e.g., MS, vitiligo, psoriasis, fish scales).
● Epilepsy (epilepsy).
● Antibiotics - 2 weeks after the last dose
● Retinoids - 6 months after last dose
● Drugs/dietary supplements containing : field horsetail, St. John's wort, chervil, pansy, calendula, sage, nettle, chamomile - 2 weeks from last dose
● Cosmetics containing high concentrations of vitamins A, E, C and retinol
● Use of self-tanners, bronzers, betacarotene orally
● Peeling 1 week before treatment
● Red, gray, blonde hair at the treatment site is a contraindication due to the lack or low effectiveness of the treatment


Please read the above mentioned contraindications carefully if you have any doubts feel free to contact us

The day before the treatment, please shave the treated area thoroughly with a disposable razor (being careful to irritate the skin). Before the first treatment, we recommend leaving a small area (about 1cm2) with unshaved hair in order to select the appropriate treatment parameters

Immediately before the treatment, the following should not be applied to the area undergoing LightSheer laser hair removal: lotions(mainly bronzing lotions with illuminating particles), illuminating foundations and antiperspirants.


A natural symptom after the procedure is temporary swelling and/or redness of the depilated skin area and/or scabs. All symptoms should subside after a few days at most. During this time, the skin should be treated gently:
● wash with a gentle gel
● do not use deodorants and antiperspirants immediately after the procedure (if the epilation involved the underarms).
● use a salve, cream or Alantan Plus ointment or Bepanthen or Dermopanthen.
● gently pat the skin dry, do not rub or otherwise irritate it
● introduce preparations with an exfoliating effect 2 weeks after the procedure
● Sunbathing is absolutely contraindicated up to 4 weeks after the procedure. During this period, use creams with anti-UVA and B-filters with a filter of 50
● Subsequent treatments should be performed at intervals of 6 to 12 weeks

Body area Price
Legs + Underarms + Bikini Promotional price 779PLN!
Shoulders 189 PLN
Forearms+ shoulders 299 PLN
Forearms+shoulders+hands 369 PLN
Hands 129 PLN
Belly 219 PLN
Belly line 99 PLN
Bikini (groin) 219 PLN
Bikini (total) 269 PLN
Bikini (total) + buttock crevice 319 PLN
Total Bikini+armpit 449 PLN
Gluteal crevice 149-199 PLN
Glutes + gluteal crevice 300 PLN
The buttocks 250 PLN
Legs (whole) 469 PLN
Legs+ feet 499 PLN
Thighs 259 PLN
Elbows 259 PLN
Feet 149 PLN
Mustache 99 PLN
Beard 99 PLN
Jaw line 99 PLN
Moustache + beard 199 PLN
Neck 169 PLN
Sideburns 99 PLN
Cheeks 159 PLN
Whole face 319 PLN
Ears 99 PLN
Temples 99 PLN
Nape 169 PLN
Back 319 PLN
Back + nape 399 PLN
Nipples 99 PLN
Chest 219 PLN
Chest+Belly 349 PLN
Armpits 189 PLN
Forearms 189 PLN


The LightSheer DUET laser is certified for safety and quality by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA, honored worldwide, and certified by relevant European institutions, including ISO 9001. The LightSheer Duet is a medical device.

LightSheer is a diode laser that emits a beam of light rays at a specific wavelength. The energy emitted by the laser is selectively absorbed by the skin and hair pigment (melanin), and then converted into thermal energy. The thermal energy causes heating of the hair follicle and its permanent destruction. The beam of light emitted by the laser is selected in such a way that by heating the follicle it "spoils" the hair germ without damaging the surrounding tissues.

The damaged follicle cells lie about 1-3 mm deep in the skin. Sufficient temperature increase to destroy them requires a time of 0.2-1 sec, and active cooling through the use of sapphire allows the skin to remain at a safe temperature. The energy produced by the laser is absolutely safe for humans and does not affect body functions.

The operation of the LightSheer Duet laser is based on the work of two heads: a smaller one measuring 9mm x 9mm and a larger one 22mm x 35mm. The smaller head is used for depilation of small and hard-to-reach areas on the body, while the larger head is ideal for laser hair removal of larger surface areas, i.e. legs, back or abdomen. This laser design makes it possible to epilate the skin in 3x less time, with even greater accuracy and precision. "Epilation" in contrast to traditional "depilation" reduces hair permanently. LightSheer laser hair removal treatment allows you to get rid of unwanted hair from selected areas of the body for life and is the most effective treatment on the market.

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